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Emotion Clearing

Introduction to Emotion Clearings

Are you ready for change in your life?

Are you ready to let go of the old baggage that we carry

around from our past?

Are you ready to live the life that you were born to live?

Emotions should flow through us the way they flow through healthy children

(who can have a temper tantrum one minute and be all smiles the next). 

As we grow older these emotions get

stuck in our physiology and color our whole outlook

on life causing us to feel stuck in outdated

patterns of behavior and thought.

Clearing those stuck emotions can help us feel lighter, happier,

in more harmony with other people around us and

general remove the obstacles that interfere

with living the life we were born to live.

I work from a list of sixty emotions to determine which of those are stuck

for you and need to be cleared.

I will share those specific emotions with you.

They may resonate for you as being very

significant or may not.

You may want to analyze what I am clearing but it is sometimes like

looking through the trash as you put it out on the

sidewalk for the trash collectors to take away

the next morning.

We don’t search through the trash to make sure we know

exactly what we getting rid of.

We just put it out to be collected and forget about it.

It is the same way with these emotions.

If you get an “ah ha” moment, great, if

not, you are still better off without that old baggage.

I also determine the original owner of the emotions being clearing.

Many of us are living with stuck emotions inherited from our biological parents

and our parent’s parents back through the bloodline generations.

This is our chance to break that pattern and to stop it being passed down any further.

So I identify each emotion to be cleared as being your own or else inherited and, if

inherited, from which parental side it was inherited.

Heart Walls:

When we are young and get hurt we have a limited ability to defend ourselves so we create a

wall around our heart to avoid getting hurt the same way again.

Each time we get hurt the wall gets a little thicker and a little higher but wallswork both ways.

They help to keep the hurt out but they also keep out the love from other people and hold in our own love

and stop our love from being fully expressed.

Not everyone has a heart wall and not everyone who has a heart wall is ready to have it cleared.

For some people it is appropriate to keep their heart wall until such time as they are strong enough within themselves,

and maybe change their environment, so that the protection the heart wall provides is not needed.

Health, happiness, and prosperity:

The next questions I ask are about whether your current state is consistent with being healthy,

happy and prosperous. Someone may subconsciously decide at a very young age that being

sickly is a useful strategy to get love and affection and so, decades later, with that decision still

in place may be confused in their conscious mind as to why there is nothing they can do to live a

strong, vibrant healthy life; similarly with happiness and prosperity.

Until the unconscious theme is cleared the conscious desire for a better life will always undergo self-sabotage.

Clearing these three are important foundation blocks for establishing the new you!

Relationship with God:

Whatever your religious beliefs, and by whatever name you are familiar

with a higher power, many of us have blocks around our relationship with the Divine.

Clearing those blocks help us connect to our true nature as spiritual beings having a human experience!

Relationship with others:

Testing for blocks related to other people; family,friends, work colleagues etc.

Relationship with self:

This is always the broadest category to clear.

It may cover attitudes to work, ageing, self-image,

childhood, or any one of a vast number of other topics.

Additional information:

I work with a considerable number of other modalities way outside the scope of

Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code which is the foundation of my basic clearings.

These may include archetype energies, affirmations, flower essences,

and any other way that I can tap into universal energy on your behalf.

Legal disclaimer:

Clearing sessions are NOT a substitute for medical care and should NOT be regarded as such.

Please refer to a licensed health care provider for any state of mind or body that is impacting your well-being.

Lastly, it is my privilege and honor to be a vehicle for this impactful work.

My life has been changed by being a recipient of this work and I am truly grateful for the many people

with whom I have been able to share this knowledge.

It does take courage to acknowledge the old baggage that we need to drop

but truly worth it on the other side.

Thank you for allowing me to be of service.

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