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Wendy Ella May has been practicing personal improvement since starting her daily practice of meditation in 1979. 

She uses a wide variety of self-development programs including breath-work, acting, public speaking.

Her many teachers include a mixture of Eastern and Western.

Wendy studied with and worked alongside many greats.

Christian Life Coaching provides the basis of her coaching style. 

She lives in Bradley Beach New Jersey with her cat .SAM

Wendy is a Empath and Clairvoyant no tool reader who gives names, time frames, information about your past, present and future, as well as your past lives with ease as she believes all her work is for the good of her client’s.

She works her gifts that have been given to her by the spirits and taught to her by her Great Grandmother from Prussia..

As a psychic and life coach for 30 years, her main mission is to help clients take control of their future, especially their career and love relationships, by making them aware of what to expect.

Wendy believes, "You can make better decisions and manifest a better life when you don’t have to guess about what’s to come."
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